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    Why can't I down load adobe flashplayer?


      I have tried numerous times to down load the lastest adobe flashplayer. My flash player says that it is enabled and when I click to check to see if I have adobe flashplayer, it says that I do. However, when I try to watch something on the internet that requires adobe flashplayer, it says that I don't have it and asks for me to down load it. I don't know what else to do. I have turned it on and off after down loading it several times as well.

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          That is what is happening to me and I have Windows 8 and my Computer is an ASUS LAPTOP . I am unable to reinstall again because it tells me that the connections has failed and the installing quits . I am ready to give up on this stuff .

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            Mike M Level 6

            Waht browser are you using? (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)

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              ftmomof7 Level 1

              I am using IE and I have windows 7. When I install the flash player it says I completed installation. I restarted my computer and it still doesn't work.

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                Dorey Level 1

                I am using Internet Explorer and Windows 8 and I am also trying out Chrome . But still nothing works with Flash Players and I am getting what it looks like spam pop ups .    What do I do now ?

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                  Mike M Level 6

                  What kind of popups?
                  Can you post a screenshot of one?

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                    Dorey Level 1

                    Can't I deleted them out and I trying to reinstall the Flash Player again . I have tried over dozens of times and still nothing works . I get that error message saying that connections failed and installs crash . I think my Computer has some intruders and I am going get my computer cleaned out and install a new antivirus my Nephew took out my Antivirus because he told me that with Windows 8 that didn't need it . I am trying one more time and if I can't get it installed then it is no use . I even have trouble getting to Adobe.com Website and everything is slowing my computer down too much .

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                      Mike M Level 6

                      Sounds like it's seriously infected.
                      DON'T let your nephew near it again after you get it cleaned up.
                      If he wants to screw one up, he can get his own.

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                        Dorey Level 1

                        Tell me , if you think my computer is infected , it is slow and I get spam POP UPS and ERROR MESSAGES saying my Internet Explorer has stopped working , The Flash Players do not upload and when they do nothing works ,and what I use to do I can't anymore . I am going take to Best Buy and said they will clean it out and install an Antivirus but it will cost probably around $ 200. But what else is there to do ?  I had an HP Desktop years ago it got messed up and it was too old to fix so it is gone . This ASUS LAPTOP COMPUTER I Purchased it 4 years ago at Best Buy and I almost bought another HP Desktop but one of my Family told I should try a LapTOP and I am sorry I did .  I haven't had any sucess with it since I bought it and my Sister has an ASUS LapTOP and she has had bad issues with hers . HP Computers are the best on the market and I am going try and save my money for another HP, but in the meantime I am going try and get this one fixed .  My Brother's Son has an APPLE IPAD and he has never had trouble with it .  My Mom has one too and I tried pulling up Youtube video and there is still a blank screen with the spinning icon . My Sister N Law has an Apple Computer and she doesn't have any problems with it . But I really think Adobe Flash Players could have some bad issues and maybe they are bugged , do you think so ?  I have scanned my computer and no threats are showing and it usually tells me if my Computer is not protected .  Thanks for your help and I have learned that others are having problems installing the Flash Players as I am so I hope things will get fixed soon .

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                          Mike M Level 6

                          Whatever you decide to do. STAY AWAY from BestBuy and GeekSquad.
                          At best, they don't know what they're doing. At worst, they're lying cheats who'll rip you off blind. They've been exposed by several local and national news organizations in the past.
                          Check your phone book for a reputable local computer shop.
                          Check http://www.angieslist.com/ too. They'll have a listing of good shops and bad ones.

                          A small local shop HAS TO BE GOOD at what they do to stay in business. The GeekSquad can be terrible and BestBuy's appliance &DVD sales will still fund them.


                          Your nephew's iPad doesn't have problems or get viruses because (like Apple computers) there is no such thing as a virus for Mac OS or iOS. I switched to Apple eleven years ago come February, and I've never regretted it. They're faster, safer, and you can even run Windows on a Mac, so if you HAVE TO HAVE it, it's there, but with a limited few exceptions (like Visual Basic and C++ stuff) ANYTHING you can run on a PC, you can run on a Mac. I have Office 2011, Adobe Creative Suite 5 and 6, and EVERY browser but Internet Explorer on My Mac. iTunes, Skype, Outlook... ALL run on Mac. OS X isn't that different from Windows. You still double click to open things and applications bascially look the same as they do in Windows.


                          You should really look into a Mac Mini. The basic model is $599, and it'll work with your mouse and monitor, and even a Windows keyboard (but it's best to have an Apple keyboard for full functionality). It's easily expandable with up to 16Gb RAM, it can run dual monitors, and it has the highest resale value of ANY computer in the world (88% after three years). And it won't get infected with "adware" or "phishingware" or "ransomware" like PCs can.

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                            Dorey Level 1

                            Tell me , I am right now installing Windows 8,1-KB2907997-x86,msu is this right one or wrong ? Remember I have Windows 8 .

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                              Mike M Level 6

                              That KB may or may not work.

                              I was unable to install it on any of three Windows 8 machines I have.