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    Are these bugs, or am I missing something (PrE12)?

    Kawika808 Level 1

      Are these bugs, or am I missing something (PrE12)?


      1. Often get "Stopped Working" popup message on startup; this popup often persists on the work area until I click something. (Screenshot of this is available.)


      2. Sound track gets chopped up if I add anything to the Video 1/Audio 1 timeline ("expert" view).  (No screenshot--I'm trying to get some work done--but I can make one if it would help.)


      3. Titler often ignores my default.


      4. Titler will not change font size to the one I input.  Font will change size, but the same number and font will give results of different physical dimensions.  (e.g., 68pt font in one title is the same physical size as 75pt font in the next title.)  (Screenshot of this is available.)


      5. In at least one case, when I deleted the title from an video, the text remained burned into the video clip at that point.  Needless to say, that video clip is ruined. (Screenshot of this is available.)


      These are the most puzzling and troublesome ones at present.  I would appreciate any insights.