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    Having some trouble syncing sound to slideshow

    bobmcinnis Level 1
      I'm trying to do a demo of a training course I've created. I have existing screenshots of the "slides" I want to use and have previously imported them into a PowerPoint document for live demos I've given. I'm having difficulty figuring out the right way to use all this to make the best demo using Captivate.

      When importing the PowerPoint file into Captivate, for example, it asked me for specific times every slide should be displayed. Then, when I go to record my voice over the slides in Captivate, I can't find any way to adjust that constant time for each slide as I record the narration. I've tried recording my voice while recording me moving through the PowerPoint file directly, but the sound doesn't seem to be syncing up with the slides on playback. Instead, the slides seem to be racing through ahead of my voice. I'm suspecting this might be a ram issue (I have 1GB), or the fact I'm using Windows Vista Home Basic instead of Premium, but whatever the case, I'm hoping someone here might be kind enough to point me in the right direction.

      For example, is there a way to control the duration of the existing Captivate slides as I record my narration over it? Is there a better way to be doing this? Thanks.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi bobmcinnis,

          In order to offer a better way, I seems important to know what "way" you are trying now. If I understand what you are trying to accomplish, I think I would add the audio a single slide at a time - obviously from a written script, to accomplish a degree of consistency and professionalism in the result. One consideration would be that, instead of entering varying times for each slide, I would leave all slides at a default value of, say, 4 seconds. They will adjust themselves later to the audio you enter on each.

          I would write a script for the movie, then put the text portion for each slide into the Slide Notes for that slide. During the actual recording (Audio > Record > Project), you can use Slide Notes (bottom of the record audio dialog) for your guide for the voice-over.

          **Before beginning the actual recording, un-check the "Continuous Recording" option at the top of the audio recording dialog. That will allow you to record and re-record the audio for each slide, if that is necessary, before moving on to the next slide.

          When you are ready to move to the audio for the next slide, just click the small blue "Next" arrow-button to the right of the "Record" buttons. Do this through the entire presentation. Each slide will automatically adjust to accommodate the length of audio file you have placed on each during recording, as mentioned above.

          All of this must be preceded by duplicating the click-box on each slide as many times, and at whatever intervals as is required, to synchronize the slide and audio to the animations contained on the slide
          (hope that makes sense to you - easier to do than to describe, sometimes)

          What I am suggesting is going to be a lot of hard work. It cannot be avoided if you wish to use preexisting Power Point presentations as the basis for your Captivate movies. The "hard" in "hard work" is because the Power Point slides are being imported to Captivate, each one as a separate "animation". Synching the slide animation with the audio is the challenge ... and in many cases, isn't worth the effort.

          Good luck in whatever you choose to do!
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            bobmcinnis Level 1

            This is great. Thanks for taking the time to spell this out for me. I tried this today and it worked wonderfully. Most of the hard work is out of the way now. On to editing. Thanks, I really appreciate the help.