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    Information about updates

    Bill-Page Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      Is there a place whereI can find out what is contained in the updates to the Formscentral app? I have just had a large update take place and I don't know if there are new features etc.


      By the way, the SAVE function is fantastic, so thanks for that.



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          HomeJames Level 2

          Now wouldn't that be a wonderful idea.

          Shame no one else has thought of it - except the many requests for some idea of WIHIH for the last twelve months.

          No one has any idea of what new features are being added (or possibly withdrawn).

          The 'new features suggestions' has clearly been put into the 'too difficult drawer' months ago.

          My twleve months subscription will end shortly and sadly I am losing the will to live awaiting feedback from Adobe.


          Sad, 'cos it had all the potential in the world to be a super project.

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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

            Hi Bill;


            We don't currently publish a list of what was changed in each update, often for larger features Randy will post a document or announcement but smaller features, system improvements and bug fixes are not published.


            I'm glad that you've discovered and like the "Save Web Form" feature. 




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              HomeJames Level 2

              So, how do we find out about the new "smaller features"?

              Where would we find a list of Randy's most recent documents / announcements about these new larger features?

              Josh - You have answered and been very helpful with many more questions recently - but there is a constant thread of pleas for more info on changes and indication of new features planned that go unanswered.

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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                Hi TrampSteamer;


                At this time we don't have anything in place to publish "what's new" but are aware that customers would like to see this information.

                I don't think that the requests go unanswered, but we don't answer in the way you are hoping for;-)  When we can't share the information there is not much more we can say other than that we can't.


                As for the list of Randy's documents you can see all "Documents" here, some are new features and others are tutorials: http://forums.adobe.com/community/formscentral?view=documents#/?per_page=50&tagSet=undefin ed




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