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    How to make a 2 hour long dvd? With highest quality? PE12


      I made a two hour long event which I plan on burning into a dvd with the highest quality. It's avchd files. I want to burn it in h.264 1920x1080i pal dolby. I then tried to export the file onto my computer but it showed the file size to be 36,000 which is about 35 gb. I need to know if I export it directly to a dvd, will the size be smaller or the same. If it will be a large 35 gb then I guess I'll need a bigger dvd gb size which all I can find is blu-ray single layers, but I only find 25gb, also do this recordable disks be allowed to play in any dvd player or just blu-ray? Any good cites to buy them cheap? Here are the pictures, first one is where it shows I want to export it to my computer, and the second is to dvd, (DVD is not put in.)


      Please help and don't be rude if my question is "dumb." I'm new to this.
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