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    Midnight Black.swf not found

    andyG928 Level 1

      Hello All,


      I have generated an output with adobe AIR, Midnight Black skin (accordeon template in Robohelp 8). Everything works fine, but chrome development panel shows that Midnight%20Black.swf is not found (the special symbols are intact). This file is supposed to be under the Themes directory, but I cannot find it there - neither on the local PC nor on the server.


      Where can I find it? also, if the core file is missing, why does everything work perfectly fine?



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To clear things up, you probably created an Air skin and named that

          Midnight Black in the editor, right? Also, the %20% is the URL encoded

          version of a space. The file you are looking for is Midnight Black.swf

          with a space.


          This file should be located in the Skin directory of the RoboHelp

          project where you use the skin. If you don't see it, something must have

          gone wrong during the creation of the skin. I would suggest recreating

          the skin in the project.


          But on export, I believe the layout is incorporated in the export files

          and you shouldn't need the Midnight Black.swf.


          Kind regards,



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            andyG928 Level 1

            Thanks - not exactly that. I have not created a new skin, but used the RH provided Midnight Black skin. Everything is fine, but some core RH swf files reference to "Midnight Black.swf", which is not existing. There is nothing in the Themes. Directory.


            On the other hand, when I select a different AIR skin (e.g. Icy Blue), it creates  "Icy Blue.swf" in the Themes directory. I even tried to rename "Icy Blue.swf" to "Midnight Black.swf" and place it into Themes dir. Guess what happens? It starts with the Midnight Black and then changes to Icy Blue in a few seconds. If there is no .swf file in the Themes directory, it always opens Midnight Blue.


            As I understand, the Midnight Blue skin is the default skin, which doesn't need the file "Midnight Black.swf". Still, it looks as a bug in the core RH files, because there is a reference somewhere to the non-existing "Midnight Black.swf".


            Question to you guys: when you use the embedded Midnight Blue skin, does it create a "Midnight Black.swf" file in the Themes dir?

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              Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Just tried it with RH10 – that midnight swf isn’t found anywhere in the \!SSL!\ folders. But it still appears when viewed in IE & FF – in my Chrome browser, I get nothing – no error messages or anything – just a black screen.