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    Can't select or deselect in Fireworks CS6 (Mac version)

    Warboys Level 1

      Hey guys,


      So for most of the day everything was working fine, then suddenly I can't select or deselect items. Well, technically I can by DRAGGING as I select (which is very inconvenient) but there's no work around for editing text (which requires a double-click on the object).


      It sounds exactly the same as this bug posted for Fireworks CS5;




      Now, I have Spotify installed but I've restarted without it running and yesterday there were no problems with Fireworks at all... so I doubt it's Spotify related. Everything else sounds the same though.


      I've restarted, un-installed and reinstalled the program and closed all media programs I can see. Still broken. Quite possibly something else is interfering with it but I have no idea what (since I haven't installed anything new)


      This is preventing me from finishing a pretty important piece of work, so I'd REALLY appreciate a response.


      Thanks guys

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