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    Which port uses aerender?

    Rodrigo Olmos

      Hi there,


      I have following problem. Since I installed the avast (antivirus/firewall) update 2014.9.0.2008, my BG Renderer script, respectively the aerender, won´t start to render anymore. I tried it with After Effects CC and CS6 with the newest and older versions of BG Renderer script.

      Lloyd Alvarez told me (after I send him two screenshots), that avast blocks the port aerender uses. The error is coming from aerender not BG Renderer. As long as I stop the firewall, all works fine.


      Here my question:

      Does anybody know which port aerender uses?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Avast causes lots of problems with applications that communicate over TCP, including the Adobe video applications. It has also been known to cause severe performance problems with Premiere Pro.


          I recommend using a different security application.

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            Rodrigo Olmos Level 1

            Hi Todd,

            thanks for your response.


            Yes, the new avast version causes lots of problems. On an other machine, the 3ds max backburner won´t render with avast anymore, too.


            Anyway, the easiest way for me would be to 'unblock' the portnumber for aerender. Does a portnumber defined for aerender exist?


            If not, I will follow your advice.