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    LDAP two fields merge




      I have connection with Adobe Livecycle and my company LDAP.

      I write a sql query, where get two values from LDAP- name(employees) and title(they position in company).

      This result i put in two dropdown list and need this field to merge. Now this field value is separately. What can I do to bring these value?



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          TundraSteve Employee Moderator

          I'm not certain what you're asking but I think you want to merge the selection of two dropdowns into a text field.  If that's what you want then on the exit event of the dropdown you could have something like



          = DropDownList1.getDisplayItem(DropDownList1.selectedIndex) + ' ' +


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            ingacha Level 1

            I use other choise merge this dropdown list: this.rawValue=name.rawValue + " " + title.rawValue and get result one field.


            But I need other solution.


            I made a connection to Active Directory and got two attributes - employees and positions. Then I insert these two fields with attribute in LiveCycle and get the results from the Active Directory.When I choose DropdownList1 another employee in Dropdownlist2 (his position) does not change.


            For example,

            DropdownList1 - inga, janis, maris, liene, salvis ;

            DropdownList2 - maneger, director, analyst, programmer, seller.

            That meen - inga ir maneger, janis is director, maris is analyst...

            This data is from Active directory. Then I get a choise janis, in dropdownList2 dosn't appear his position. (left the first value - maneger)

            And what i need...a need make this dropdownList populated/merge from LDAP.


            I'm sorry about my English, it's not my native language.

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              TundraSteve Employee Moderator

              So if a user selects something in one dropdown you want to select the corresponding value in the other dropdown.






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                ingacha Level 1

                Yes, but this solution don't work.

                I choose from dropdownlis1 value, but in dropdownlist2 disappear/lost values.