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    Problematic Story Editor glitch

    KevinAtkins Level 1

      I'm experiencing an issue in Story Editor that's becoming increasingly problematic.


      Basically, the SE window is cutting-off text at the right of tht window. This means that I can't use it for Find / Replace operations, as the highlighted text isn't showing. Resizing the window doesn't help, and I've tried all manner of different fonts to no avail. Resizing the left-hand portion (where styles are shown) doesn't help either, with text being clipped even when it's hidden.


      I'm currently editing a book, and as I can't see all the text, I'm going to have to flow text throughout the entire book and use Find / Replace in layout mode, which wastes valuable project time, amongst other things.


      Does anyone else have this issue, or a fix?


      *UPDATE* This doesn't appear to happen with a single document open, but when I have multiple book file documents open.