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    Photoshop CC: Layer Merging Behavior with Timeline Animations (Bug?)

    Hannes Drexl Level 1


      we're working a lot with the Photoshop timeline in our company. After upgrading to Photoshop CC we encountered a behavior that was different with CS6.


      Picture a file with a timeline animation consisting for example of 8 frames, with 8 layers, each layer's visibility exposed on a single frame (layer 1 exposed in frame 1, layer 2 exposed in frame 2 etc) and all other layer not visible.


      In Photoshop CS6, if I were to create a new layer for example in frame 4 of my timeline above layer 4 (which is the only visible layer in this frame) and merged it back down onto layer 4 (by selecting it and pressing the shortcut CTRL+E), the resulting layer inherited all the exposure settings of layer 4, but did contain the merged visual content of layer 4 and the previously new layer above it. This is what I want.


      Now in Photoshop CC, when doing the very same action, the layers are merged and keep the naming of layer 4, however the visibility flag is not inherited properly. The resulting layer is exposed (visible) on all frames in the timeline, whereas it actually should only be exposed in frame 4.


      Also note that the timeline option "New layers visible in all frames" is deactivated. So even if Photoshop treated the merged layer as an actual new layer, it shouldn't expose it's visibility in all other frames.


      The only workaround I've found so far is enabling "unify layer visibility", hiding the layer, then disabling "unify layer visibility" again. This is annoying however, and the entire new behavior seems like a bug to me. Can any of the developers comment on this? Thank you.



      Hannes Drexl