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    Photoshop CC 3D feature

    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

      I'm now a subscriber so I though I would look into Photoshop CC 3D support.  I'll be the first to admit I know very little about 3D...  However for the last three days I took a look into it. 


      I found some pleasant suprises like a could create a simple animation video timeline and save the project as a PSD file. When I placed that into a document and went to create a timeline the Placed 3d smart object layer animation was there. So it looks like I could not animate and animation.  


      CC 3D feature had many more capabilities then I thought it would.  Many thing can be done to surface textures. Like bump maps, Opacity maps and these can easily be changed and edited and themselves act a bit like smart objects that I can edit and add adjustments too. Shine reflection etc.  I have just looked at canned meshes and have not look at the other types of 3d objects the can be made. Its going to take some time. 


      3D space is not the easiest thing to navigate in the digital world.  Some things you do intuitive in the real world take some getting use to in the digital world. One need to learn to walk again. Placing spot lights for example was hard for me.


      How 3D object mergd worked also startled me all the scaling I had done was in vain and seemed to be reset.


      CC 3D also seems to have it share of problems so its wise to save often.  In the three day I tried it I have had several crashes only one was in Photoshop 3D engine the others were elsewhere.  I also had two or three hangs where Photoshop appeared to be working. Windows did not show it was not responding in fact it was. However all I could do was the change the visibility of panels get into help and updates.  Whenever I tried to do anything with and open document Photoshop just responded with a sound like dude I'm busy wait some.  I could have waited for ever. It look like Photoshop was waiting for some to complete but that something had departed for very little processing was being gone on my machine utilization was near zero. I had to terminate CC with the task manager for all Photoshop save close and exit menu items were grayed out. In fact all menu items were grayed out except for a few in the Windows and Help menus.


      I was able to wrap a Photo Collage around a Christmas Ball and rotate it 360 http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/ChristmasBall.mp4