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    Aligned surface in mocha does not result in 100% scale layer

    AlexBardosch Level 1



      I have to track a plane from a certain reference point. I want the layer that is to receive the corner pin (which is actually just a time-frozen frame at that reference point, masked) to be 100 percent scale at that moment, naturally.

      However when I track the plane, align the surface at the reference time and export the corner pin data to the layer, I get a scale value of about 400 percent which mocha compensates with making the corner pin smaller. This results in completely blurred footage at what should be a 100% scale freeze point. I don't really get where I am going wrong, I thought align surface would automatically create a frame where all would be unchanged?


      Hope you can get me some hints, thanks!


      -Alex Bardosch


      Edit: Mocha Version 3.1.0 build 6407 After Effects CC