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    How to animate elements from off screen to center of screen without percentage


      Hi, I am very new to Adobe Edge. I did take a class for it in college so I know the basics, but still learning. I am trying to create a very basic animation where I have 2 assets that begin off the stage on either side. I would like the elements to slide in from the sides and meet in the middle with about a 20px overlap. I tried setting a keyframe for both elements at 0 seconds and setting the X translations to -2000px and 2000px and then setting another keyframe at 5 seconds and changing the X translations to 48% and 52% respectively. This got me the desired effect, but only because I have such a large monitor. If the browser window is resized or the screen is smaller, the effect does not stay the same due to using percentages to center the elements.


      Basically, my question is: is there a way to animate elements to the middle of the screen without percentages(maybe by using margin:0 auto or something)? Or is there a way to accomplish what I am looking for so that the positioning of the elements is the same regardless of browser window size?


      Thanks in advance!