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    CS6 Indesign files not fully loading


      I have just purchased CS6 and created a few InDesign files. Now, on numerous occasions, when I try to open an existing file (not just one particular file), the file doesn't fully load. It shows some of the frame outlines and the graphic "content grabber", but all graphics and text do not load. While this is still trying to load, I can open another InDesign file (within the same ID session) and it's usually OK. Meanwhile the file I tried to open originally still won't load, and if I try to go back to it (or close it), the program stops responding. It doesn't do this every time I open Indesign, but at least 50% of the time.


      I have reinstalled CS6, recreated preference files, follwoed every step of the "damaged file" help, but still no resolution. Any ideas please? To add to the scene, I did initially download a trail of InDesignCC, but when I purchased CS6, I uninstalled CC and use the Adobe Cleaner tool. Could this still be having an impact, and if so, how does one completely remove all tracse of the CC version?