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    Abobe Flash Player X1


      I was able to load Adobe Pro without issue, However, Flash player X1 has been another issue altogether. I have closed all programs, enabled the scrfipting, rebooted and nothing seems to work. Each time I go t a selected website it required me to have Xl. Any suggestions? 

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Installing Flash Player forum.

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            ths524 Level 1

            Thank you for your help.


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              Mike M Level 6

              Are you using Internet Explorer 11?

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                ths524 Level 1

                Yes. I’m using Internet Explorer XI. During the install I’m getting a request to close all running program, which I have done on numerous occasions. Now I’m getting an error telling me to close, ins855 then ins2563, then ins3602 before I stopped attemping for the evening. I don’t know nor can I find out what the error messages are or what program they are attached too to close....

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                  ths524 Level 1



                  I attempted to do as you instructed closing all the running IE file processes in the Task Manager. Unfortunately, the opportunity to do more damage to my system was inherent as one more than should have been fell to the end process button. A reboot was the salvation.  I followed the link on your response to” view the full discussion” and it brought a smile to my face. After a graduate degree with a minor in computer science thirty six years ago I’m in the same boat as some of these hot headed youngster who tend to get outrageous sitting behind a computer screen sight unseen. I seem to hold it together a little better.  In any case, I continue to not be able to install the needed Adobe 11. I ask for continued help to resolve this issue; however, my underlining question would be WHY. Adobe has placed itself in the market place as a requirement to run and view a great majority of the online webpages in cyberspace. In the next year it will be Adobe XCIX that we all will have trouble downloading at this point. (99 for those not familiar) Is this a prelude to purchase the flash player software in the near future or were you (Adobe) in a hurry to release 11 to collect more revenue from the third party download. I loaded the trial versions of Form Central and Acrobat Pro in the hope that 11 would be included through the Download Assistant. The trial versions loaded find. The PoP ups keep reminding me that they cost almost as much as my Social Security Check. That’s another issue. As I’m on the subject the Social Security Site is the one I was trying to view but a bold advertisement that cannot be moved or shut down without the required Adobe 11 download intervened. Since the government shut down receiving the check on time is questionable at best. They require a “click to email” on the site to correct any changes or updates. I have been living in the same house for 25 years. Again to the point, I when back to your response and reviewed the instructions again.“  How to close internet explorer and other programs running in windows”.  I am knowledgeable with all the instruction up to this point. The final and most important of your instructions:  >>> Now right-click on every process that the Flash Player installer needs to close (e.g. iexplore.exe), then select End Process.<<< As a retired Bio-Chemistry Professor I would have to give you an “F” on that one for lack of clarity. My remaining question if you please…Adobe Flash Player and its installer never required knowledge of which files were necessary to “End Process” for the download. Maybe that’s something the 2013 graduates learned. Which ones are they? Maybe it will help get past this issue. I’ll try anything at this point. Social Security requires the on-line acknowledgement that there are no changes. I waited and listened to the land line music on hold for three hours without getting through. Fell asleep. As why I’m up tonight… this morning.. at 1:30. Please help.

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    Ok, let's start that at the beginning.


                    1. Download the offline installer http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/current/support/install_flash_player_ax.exe and save it to disk (e.g. in your Downloads folder).
                    2. Restart Windows
                    3. Run the downloaded installer before doing anything else


                    Now in your previous post you wrote that the installer asked you to close "ins855 then ins2563, then ins3602".  I do not know what these are, but if that comes up again, you will need to use the Task Manager to end these processes.


                    I also do not understand why so many people have problems installing Flash Player; I have installed and used Flash Player since version 6 on dozens of systems, and I never experienced any problem.