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    Export just black with audio - Flash CC


      Hello. Hoping someone may be able to help with this issue. I've created a fairly simple animated logo in Flash CC on my Windows 8 computer. It runs only for about 150 frames. I want to export it into a video format so that i can use it for other purposes. So, I go File --> Export --> Export Video, at which point the following dialog box appears:





      Then I click "Export" in upper right, and am presented with this dialog box:




      OK, so, I hit OK and continue on into Adobe Media Encoder...



      Then, no matter what format I choose to export as, I only get a black screen with the audio only. Is this because I do not have Quicktime on my computer, as alerted by that second dialog box that popped up when i hit export? I don't understand the export on here...How come when I first hit File --> Export -->Export video, it named the video with a .mov extension...and in the Media Encoder it again is showing it as an mov extension (mousclick.mov here)...Is that the format it is converting it FROM into another format then of my choosing (from the dropdown which is FLV by default)? It's not going from like the .swf, it has to start as an mov and then go to some other format? Would appreciate some help in understanding this issue so I can export my animation and not have it just be black with sound.


      Also, if not having Quicktime installed on my computer IS the issue, it seems there is no quciktime download for windows 8.


      Thanks in advance.