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    Multiple RTF to one PDF on the Fly

      We have a little department that have a lot of our records stored in a SQL db as RTF. We have created a search form that can display the results of the search as links to the individual RTF files. What we would like to do is have a button that would concatenate all the RTF into one PDF file for display or print.

      Is there a combination of Adobe products that we can get that would allow us to essentially create a PDF on the fly from multiple RTF files? Or do you have recommendation for other solutions/products that can help us achieve this. We already have CF8.

      It is my understanding that if we had PDF files instead of RTF, then one can simply use the tag CFPDF to do the concatenation on the fly. However, this is not an option for us. Right now, since there are a ridiculous amount of archived RTFs and constant additions of new ones, it is not piratical to convert all of them to PDF. Furthermore, since RTF is in ASCII, it is easy to store in SQL, do searches on, and move about.

      RTF to PDF on the fly?