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    Summary Report


      I was trying to see all of the possibiliies of FORMCENTRAL and i came accross a question regarding the Summary Report tab.


      I was wondering that when you get to print it out, does FORMCENTRAL have the ability to put certain information on a centain page,

      then skip to the next page for Charts that i decide to be there. And  it is possible to create more charts with the average

      of all the questions i ask for, This is a form for a 360 Evaluation and i would like to know what is the average in the end with a new chart.


      A format something like this:


      Page 1: Name of person evaluated

                    Types of relationships

                     Evaluaters type of titles


                (Then here it should skip to the next page)


      Page 2: Question 1 chart

                     Question 2 chart

                     Question 3 chart





      Page 11: Summary of Question


           Average of all the questions?


      Thank you in advance