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    Disk setup help

    DMH79 Level 2

      NOTE: I've seen the Tweakers page on disk setup which was helpful but I guess a quick clarification of my setup below would be nice.

      I'm currently editing on an 2011 iMac with an added internal SSD for the OS and Program and wanted to know how best to use my other drives.


      WORKFLOW: I edit AVCHD footage mostly and use warp stabilizer effect a TON. Also, all my footage is 60p but edited on a 24p timeline. Oh and I don't usually render stuff.  Each project (event) has about 50gb of footage and when it's done, I offload it and start a new one in the same way.


      DRIVES I CURRENTLY OWN: I have essentially 4 drives.


      1) Internal 128GB SSD

      2) External Samsung 840 Pro SSD connected via Thunderbolt adapter

      3&4) Two external 2TB HDDs in RAID0 (4TB total) connected to a La Cie Thunderbolt adapter.


      Tweakers page suggests putting media cache on the SSD. Okay then. I'm all for that.


      Proposed SETUP:

      So should I do something like this?:


      OS, Program = Internal SSD

      Media, Project files, EXPORTS = 4TB RAID0 (I'm okay with the risk of exports being on the RAID0 because the files are quickly burned to disc and uploaded online)

      Media Cache, Preview (again, I don't really have previews I don't think so maybe I should put exports here??) = Samsung 840 Pro SSD (128gb)

      What do you think? And where should I put my auto-saves? I'd put it on the RAID0 too but then if that drive fails I'd have no back up of my project file which is what happened to me this summer with my old HDD.



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          JEShort01 Level 4

          I'd give a thumbs-up for your proposed setup!


          Regarding where to put your auto-saves, I'd stick with keeping them in Adobe's default location, close to the project files.


          Regarding guarding against drive failures, it is always best to have a back-up solution. And adding another large, low cost drive would be a great way to do that. I'm not a Mac guy, so I don't know the first thing about time machine, but I have heard good things about it. Like Beyond Compare which I use for frequent backups of important files on my PCs, I suspect that you can tell it what file names to backup, and file names (actually file types, extensions) that can be ignored.





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            DMH79 Level 2

            Now what if my I upgrade my internal SSD and it becomes my fastest drive and has plenty of space. Should I put the media cache on that drive instead with the OS and Programs? For example the new iMacs have PCIe based internal SSD's that have close to 700MB/s read and write speeds so if I were to get a larger internal SSD, giving me lots of extra space, would it be better to assign the media cache to that or keep it going to the separate "slower" SSD (even if it's benchmarks show READ/WRITES closer to 400-500MB/s)?

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              JEShort01 Level 4

              You need to do some testing about which works better. And, you only mention media cache. Adobe PPro has media cache, media cache DB, scratch, and many more files. For what it is worth, I saw a subtle improvement one time when I put media cache DB on a fast SSD and the media cache itself on a fast RAID built from 7200 rpm drives!


              Bottom line, go build it and test with your files and your workflow.


              Good luck!



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                DMH79 Level 2

                Thanks for your responses Jim. Another question...


                I've noticed having the media and project files on the RAID0 HDD, that it runs good but that every once in a while I'll have to wait a few seconds while it sounds like the drives are starting to spin up and then they engage, the timeline clicks in, and I can continue editing. Not often, but over the course of a full 10 hour day of editing it will hapen several times. Kind of annoying. I've gone in the System settings and made sure that drive never goes to sleep but in the short time I used an external SSD for my media/project files I didn't have this little momentary delay. Makes me wanna just get another SSD for the media and project files and use this 4TB RAID0 setup for exports only at this point. While it's benchmark speeds are about what my Samsung Pro 840 128gb drive is, I'm not a huge fan of this little hiccup.


                Ideas? Thoughts?

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                  Alex - DV411 Level 2

                  I've noticed having the media and project files on the RAID0 HDD, that it runs good but that every once in a while I'll have to wait a few seconds while it sounds like the drives are starting to spin up and then they engage

                  What are the drives? (Sorry if you mentioned that and I've missed it.)


                  Had this issue even on WD Caviar Blacks (replaced eventually under warranty by WD, no issue since). Many consumer drives sleep and that can't be disabled (or is really hard to), like WD Greens. Perhaps that's what you're seeing?

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                    DMH79 Level 2

                    HI Alex...


                    This is the drive I got: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/Thunderbolt/Elite_eSATA

                    The 4TB HDD version and I set it up as RAID0 on my mac. It's the first time I've ever done a RAID setup and it seems pretty fast, but this little hiccup, although infrequent, is somewhat annoying. Didn't realize it was the drive until I switched to SSD this past week.

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                      Alex - DV411 Level 2

                      I'd email OWC about it, ask for their opinions. You should also be able to see exactly what drives these are (model number and firmware, in system information ("About this Mac").


                      It's possible the drives are not at fault as RAIDing is done by the OS, and it's not a direct connection to the drives (TB-to-dual-eSATAs) - so I'd definitely check with OWC to see if they can help.


                      Ideally you'd want to check test the box on a different Mac to see if the issue recurs - then you'll have a better idea if it's the box or the Mac that's causing it - but that can be hard to arrange.

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                        DMH79 Level 2

                        I'll check with them about it. I may be able to test on my macbook pro as well when I get past the holiday rush of editing. Right now, I'm enjoying editng off the SSD. With only about 50GB of AVCHD footage per project it's not a big deal, but if we move to XAVC later in 2014, fitting all that footage on small SSDs is gonna get expensive. Hopefully OWC can help.

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                          DMH79 Level 2

                          Is one of these setups better than another and why?


                          For Media Cache Files & Database...


                          1) Have it on a separate fast SSD as suggested before.


                          2) Have it on the fast internal SSD since I have TONS of extra Space. This SSD gets that fastest read/write speeds.


                          3) Have it on the fast exteranl SSD that holds the media/project files since I have lots of extra space on there too and Premiere allows one to "save media cache files next to media files when possible" so that makes it easy to clean when I'm done with that project.


                          QUESTION 1: Originally I had planned on #1, but I already have drives #1 and #2 so is their any real advantage to #1 and if so, why?


                          QUESTION 2: And of the options #2 and #3, which one is best and why?