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    Prores Renders from AE have Garbage Frames / Longer Duration than Source

    cbialk Level 2

      I've been having some weird issues outputting prores from After Effect recently. My typical offline workflow was to output Prores422HQ or Prores4444 for offline and it has been a rock steady method for years. Recently all Prores renders from After Effects have extra garbage frames and longer duration than the source:


      An example 720 frame animation with DPX source, rendered to Prores4444 will end up 724 frames when played back on the desktop or ingested into Avid/Final Cut. When this render is re-imported into AE, it is seen as having only 720 frames and fits perfectly in the original 720 frame timeline, but outside of AE it is seen as having 724 frames (QT7, Avid, Final Cut, etc).


      Anyone seen this issue before??? I've started using Avid codecs instead -- which works fine -- but this issue worries me since most deliverables are Prores these days... and AE has been the best way to maintain 16-bit color in these ouputs.


      *This issue started around a month ago and is on all GFX boxes in the office*