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    QTP Flex addin: automationindex does not work for index:2 but works for all others

    Jianfeng Sun

      Hi all,


      I'm using QTP Flex addin4.6 with QTP 11 for web-based flex application testing.


      The issue is like this:


      We have the flex object: flex repeater.

      Under the repeater, we have about 10 Flex box as child objects which have same id, but different automation index.


      I'm trying to use automation index as the locater to identify the 10 FlexBox.


      But it works for all others but the one with "automationindex:=index:2". QTP cannot find a object with this description.


      But if we use spy to check the object, it is index:2 or if we use record to add it into the repository, it is index:2 and can be replayed.


      Any idea about this? Why only this one cannot be identified?


      Thanks in advance!