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    Tip on upgrading PC




      i want first to say "hello" and thanks up front for reading the disscusion.


      I am currently using a lot of AE and with some biger projects i am getting really big render times which start to consume to much of my time.


      My Current PC configuration is


      Inter Core i3 Cpu 540  @ 3.07GHZ

      8gb Ram ddr3

      h55m-le motherboard

      Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX

      and a normal 500gb Hdd.


      I am planning to upgrade step by step, for  now i was thinking of getting the i7-4770 processor with the GIGABYTE MB GA-B85-HD3 motherboard.  My question is, does the upgraded will provide me the boost in render times wich i desire (For example, currently i was rendering a video which i improved with a few text layers (the lenght of the video is 1h)  around 5-6 hours)

      Or should i get me a ssd disk or a stronger graphic card which is a bit cheaper.  (Currently a bit tight on the budget, so thats why a step by step upgrade).


      best regards