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    Animations won't preview in Firefox


      Animations won't preview in Firefox but work fine in Chrome and IE.


      I have little or no developer experience so please don't ask me about

      servers or technical stuff. I like edge and it's usability as I am very familiar

      with the Adobe products interface but it's no good to me if my work falls

      down because I can't get it to work in Firefox.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, rayoh-


          Can you send us a link to your project files?  I use Firefox as my primary development browser daily and I was just able to preview a file in Edge Animate CC.





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            rayoh1000 Level 1

            Thanks Elaine.


            Not sure how to provide you with the link as all the files

            are on my local server. My email is rayoh1000@gmail.com.


            I respect that you wish to keep your email address private

            so if you send me an email, I will reply with the files.


            Many thanks in advance.


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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Now as far as your question is concerned, sometime what is not seen in preview works fine on a server. Have you tried to upload your files to your web server and playing them.

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                rayoh1000 Level 1

                OK...I have created a temporary muse file and imported my edge animation,

                The name of the temporary site is "rohtemp.businesscatalyst.com"

                Please have a look at it in Chrome, Firefox and IE.


                The interesting thing is this. The animation works in both chrome and Internet explorer, however,

                the correct animation is the one in chrome. You will see there are a few wheels rotating with a green color

                moving from one to the other. The wheels have a hidden linetype, but it changes to dots in chrome.

                Having seen this, it leads me to think that the animation is also working fine in firefox. What is happening

                is that the hidden line has become solid which gives the impression that the wheels aren't rotating.

                The color green is moving from wheel to wheel as it should.


                So, to conclude, what we have is actually a linetype issue/problem and not an animation problem.

                The various browsers are inserting whatever linetype is most compatible for it's own situation.


                Any ideas as to how to get around this one ?

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                  rayoh1000 Level 1

                  I added a few central spokes to a few of the wheels and animated them.

                  They work fine in all browsers which actually underlines the point I made in previous post.

                  It is indeed a linetype issue.