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    How to contact admin or complain?

    Suicide Level 1

      I haven't posted here for many years. I came back and was asked to re-register with a new password so I did.


      I was also asked if I would like to take part in a survey. I said "yes", and I was very glad I did because I had plenty to complain about. The signup process was horrible.


      But then I went to the survey and the page said "This survey requires javascript to be allowed". Fine, I allowed Javascript. But then nothing. I reloaded the page. Nothing.


      I just want to tell the admin about all the problems I've had. I would also like to give feedback on this website because I have plenty to say about it. Could anyone tell me where I can express my opinion?


      Also, this account really shouldn't exist because I had to lie in order to sign up. So, again I need to ask someone about this. I shouldn't really be here, but if I wasn't then I couldn't ask. It's like a catch-22.