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    Issues with Saving Data as PDF



      I have a PDF form, created in Acrobat, and uploaded into FormsCentral. Once a user fills it out and submits it, I save the record as a PDF. The downloaded PDF has a couple of issues:

      • If there is a default value for a radio button field, the new PDF shows the default button AND the actual answer BOTH clicked on. This makes it very difficult to see what the actual answers are.
      • One of the fields on the PDF is blank, even though it is a required field and data was entered by the user. If I click in the field, the text is visible. If I click away, the text disappears. I am also unable to print the text. The field happens to be the last field on the form. It is one of two essay questions that each take up a full page. The first question is fine. The second question has this issue. As far as I can tell in the original PDF, prior to import into FormsCentral, the two fields have identical properties.

      The workaround we discovered is to open the PDF in Acrobat, export the data to a .fdf file, then import the data back into the original, pre-FormsCentral PDF. That seems to solve both issues above, but is very cumbersome for our purposes. Any ideas on what the issue is? Any help would be most appreciated!