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    How can I go back to older FP: I keep getting message: "This isn't most up to date FP"


      After updating Flash Player to 11.9, it keeps crashing my browser.  I use IE8, Chrome and Firefox.  They are all kept up to date.  I don't want to update IE8 to IE9 or beyond, as I've had issues with later versions. 


      I've tried following all the adobe step by step guides for uninstalling 11.9 and installing older versions of Flash Player. 

      I just get a message that says:


      "The installation encountered errors:  The version of Adobe Flash Player that you are trying to install is not the most current version.  Please visit the Player Download Center to obtain the latest, most secure version."


      It has a Quit button but nothing else that would allow me to proceed beyond that.  I've tried 11.7 and 11.8.  Neither one will give me an option to install them even though I don't want to install the most up to date version.