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    Help..Only print page 2 if a certain field has a value


      I have a form that has two pages, but in many cases the second will not be needed. It's really just a continuation of the first page. I have a few fields at the top of page 2 that are copies of fields from page 1 so that the user doesn't have to re-enter that information (project # ect). So, page 2 is never blank unless page 1 is as well.


      What I want is a script that will print both pages if:


      1. Both pages are completely blank (allowing the user to still print a blank copy of the full form)


      2. Page 2 has a value above zero in a subtotal field


      I don't want to print page 2 if the sub-total value on page 2 equals 0 but the header information is intact(basically indicating that it is blank outside of the automatic stuff carried over from the first page)


      Is this possible? I confused myself writing it, so I hope it makes sense.