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    Signature field not working

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      I created a form in LiveCycle and am trying to include a digital signature field.  I have changed the field type to Signature, but when I try to test the form, nothing happens.  The form opens in Acrobat, but when I click on the signature field, nothing happens.  Even when I save the form and reopen it in either Acrobat or Reader, nothing happens when I click the field.  Is this something not working correctly in the form or is it in my usage of Acrobat (ie, I'm not sure what kind of rights our IT department has allowed me when it comes to digital signatures and certifications)?  I would be happy to let someone take a look at the form, but am not sure how to upload that and link to it. 


      I don't really need anything too fancy, just an option for folks filling out the form to get a signature on an electronic version of the form, rather than having to print the form, get it signed, and then scanning it back in.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!