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    Play in Reverse

    Mister Peanut Level 1

      Hello, I was wondering if someone could guide me a little with playing a movie clip in reverse. The major problem I'm having, though, is that I have a frame-by frame animation withing a movie clip called 'card' of a card flipping over. Now 'card' itself is also tweened to move to the left and change in size as it flips over, and also has an independent drop shadow for effect. So I need to have everything go in reverse; the frame-by frame within 'card', as well as the right to left tween and drop shadow on the main timeline.

      My ultimate goal is to have the user click on the card, it will flip over in one direction, click on it again, and it will reverse and flip back to it's original position.

      Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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          'card' in the method body should be 'target_mc' or 'target' ?
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            Mister Peanut Level 1
            Hi Some1Won,

            Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by this.... Could you tell me where target_mc should be placed (I'm not sure what the method body is). I copied and pasted this code from a previous post, and tried to enter my own info.

            I think I need to break up my steps a little more. I guess the first thing I need to learn to do is put onRelease functions on my card so that when the user clicks on the card, it will flip forward or reverse.

            ANY help, greatly appreciated....

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              Mister Peanut Level 1
              Well, I've decided to take a completely new approach.

              I have reversed the frames in my movie clips, and I am far closer to what I want to achieve. However, I still need to find a way to remember if the card has flipped already, and when to flip from frame 1.

              Here are my files, please do have a look:


              I would still prefer to play in reverse, but I cannot figure this out...

              Cheers for any insight!

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                Mister Peanut Level 1
                I think I solved it!!

                Check it out!!!


                I don't mean to babble in this forum, but it actually helped me work through it....

                Cheers.... to me!

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                  Some1Won Level 1

                  The method body is the code inside of your method. The method is defined “function…” to the matching closing brace. Inside there you refer to ‘card’, yet inside that method there is no ‘card’ being defined/given in the argument.

                  Also, curious on what the trace result is, as it does seem to be okay otherwise.

                  Ah, never mind then =b
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                    Boxing Boom Level 1

                    Yeah, very neat effect. Know anything about flash and php, smarty pants ;~)?

                    I could do with some help here kid. topic just under this one.

                    Kind Regards,

                    Boxing Boom

                    p.s hurry now, or they'll be a calling me bosing boom ;~)
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                      Mister Peanut Level 1
                      Sorry Boxing Boom,

                      Can't really help you with all that. I'm really not that good with actionscript, nevermind integrating php. But that doesn't mean I'm not clever.

                      The only thing I might be able to suggest, though, is that you don't put actionscript on your buttons. Put it all in the main timeline in an actions layer, and instead of using on(release), you write something like: my_button.onRelease=function(){
                      followed by what you want your button to do...

                      ....unless all of this is different when integrating php....?