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    Selecting a radio button via ActionScript

    ChiefRocka00 Level 1
      I am returning a dynamic database value and want to select one of three radio buttons in a radio button group. I am returning three integer values from the database, they are 0,1 and 2. If 0 is returned I was to select the larry radio button, if 1 is returned I want to select the moe radio button etc. Here is my radio button group:

      <mx:RadioButtonGroup id="radStooges"/>
      <mx:RadioButton groupName="radStooges" id="larry" value="Larry" label="Larry"/>
      <mx:RadioButton groupName="radStooges" id="moe" value="Moe" label="Moe"/>
      <mx:RadioButton groupName="radStooges" id="curley" value="Curley" label="Curley"/>

      Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks