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    Pyro A/V link maybe a problem


      well,haven't been in this forum in quite awhile (most of my work is audio, only do video occasionally) my video work has been halted ever since my VCR deck got destroyed by a customer's tape back about 6 mo. or so. just got a new VCR,plugged it into the Pyro and expected to "take off" . well,I didn't! can't do any capture at all. the Pyro which was working fine 6 mo. ago seems to have gotten sick at the same time the VCR stuff was happening. (what a coincidence!) the problem is that it won't seem to stay "online". the little icon in the taskbar comes and goes. the icon in the control panel also comes and goes too. does this sound familiar to anyone? maybe the Pyro is just bad,huh? funny how it picked this time to croak. I've been reading online about the Pyro and all it's problems.  if I DO have to replace it,any suggestions on what I should buy?