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    drop down menus work very poorly in internet explorer 7 great in Firefox

    pik80 Level 1
      The problem I am having on internet explorer 7 is that the menu will display for a little while and then disappear. This happens while your mouse is still over the menu so it shouldn't be closing. You can see this site at: www.caspre.com go to the menu "About Cascade". There is one page that is able to load it correctly, the "products" page (the last link at the bottom of the menu).

      The only difference I can think of between how I created the product page and all the others is that the product page was part of a seperate FireWorks file. All the other pages where contained within one Fireworks file. Would having all the pages contained within one Fireworks for editing a file really cause that? This problem doesn't happen when opened in Firefox.