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    Opacity issue


      Sorry, I'm new to Animate and just having a play making an animated Christmas card. Problem is all the symbols look fine if you go into each one in isolation, but when you are on the stage everything looks as though it's about a 50% tint of what it should be.


      Animation plays as I want, just a lot paler that it should be. I've tried adding a strong colour above all my layers and the same thing happens... 


      I'm sure it's something I've done, but I can't find it.  Any help?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i am not sure how things are setup in your composition but a work around would be to set the opacity in code.



          0 is for 0%, .5 is for 50%, 1 is for 100% with value between 0 to 1 in between.

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