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    Why won't InDesign CS6 merge my data?

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      We've just started doing NCR work for customers. As I had no idea how to data merge I had someone come in and show me how to do so.

      My first NCR jobs are job sheets, so I fit two onto a page and need 2 pieces of data on them.


      I have made the spread sheet as I was shown and saved it as a CSV. I then used the data merge to place the info where needed. However, when I click create merged document it comes up with a buffering kind of symbol and freezes. InDesign then follows by failing to respond.

      It's really confused me as I've tried to redo it a few times and at one point, it did work straight away, so I'm pretty sure I've done the process correctly. Whereas I had a stupid moment and forgot to save before doing the second set of data. I'm back to square one now.


      Is this an issue for anyone who merges data and is anyone aware of how I can fix this?

      We need to get this done sooner rather than later.