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    Start/stop external clock Adobe Edge to reduce paint calls

    Tj! Level 1

      Hi there!



      I'm using multiple Adobe Edge animations in one HTML file. The HTML file consists of a viewport container with slideboxes. Each slidebox contains content, but not always an animation.



      On page load, the Adobe Edge external clock starts to tick. Is it possible to stop this clock from ticking? If the viewport does not view an animation, the request for an animation frame is unnecessary. Just .stop() the animation does not cancel the animation frame request. 


      Possible solution

      If you dive into the un-minified version of the Edge Animate runtime, you will find the startClock part of the script:


       Symbol.timerFunc = function() {
                      Symbol.requestAnimationFrame.call( window, Symbol.timerFunc );
      Symbol.requestAnimationFrame.call(window, Symbol.timerFunc );


      Is it possible to get the handler of the this animation frame request? Than we could use cancelAnimationFrame(handler) to stop the clock ticking, and reduce CPU usage.