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    Type tool is very delayed in InDesign CC


      I've been fighting this annoyance for months... in fact, I don't know if I've ever had this work properly since I've upgraded to either CS6 or CC (which is what I'm on currently). Basically, I'll be working on a small document (usually 2-3 pages), and when I go to type text into a text box, the cursor lags behind the speed at which I'm typing. After a second it catches up, then lags again, then catches up. It's incredibly frustrating, as it takes forever to type just a simple sentence. I've tried a couple of things with limited success: I've started with a brand new document instead of creating a copy of one of my template documents; I've tried switching fonts; I've tried shutting down other Adobe apps and only have InDesign running; I've tried setting my view performance to fast display (which makes working on a document near impossible). These have only increased responsiveness minimally, up to a certain point until I add more elements to the doc, or not at all.


      This makes no sense to me, because I am running OS X Mavericks on a 13" MacbookPro with a 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 250GB Flash Storage drive. I keep all my apps and fonts on the internal flash drive and all my files on an external hard drive connected via USB 3. I can literally work on 2GB layered Photoshop files with hardly any lag, but when it comes to typing a few words in InDesign, it acts like it can't keep up. I opened up the Activity Monitor to see what was happening when I tried typing text in InDesign, and found that there was no change in memory used (just over 1 GB whether actively typing or inactive), but there was a huge jump in CPU load (up to 87% when typing).


      Inserting the type tool cursor, clicking and dragging to highlight text, and using the eye dropper tool to highlight text and apply a text style all seem to be affected by this slow down. Most other functions (such as placing images and rendering high quality display view performance) seem to work fine. Not sure about shape/vector drawing... there may be a slight lag on selecting an anchor point and dragging to move its position.


      Any ideas? Thanks,


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