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    AEP file makes AE CS6 crash. No import possible


      Treat orginally started to creativecow. Was advised to bring it here. I will use this treat for updates.


      Orginal post:


      Okay. I am about to become suicidal here.


      I am running healthy spec-ed i7 iMac OSX 10.8.5 with CS6 (full specs below in the crash log). I was working on this Premiere project with AE comps in it. Nothing heavy of complex. Just some kinetic typography made with TypeMonkey and some low res images.


      After numerous saves (both Pr and AE) I decided to render the final result. And for some reason the render got stuck (Pr). So I decided to reboot my machine and start again. Now I can't open the AEP file it crashes after trying to load comp 6. Also my Premier file is F*cked because 95% of it is that darn AEP file and its giving me the spinning ball of death.


      I tried to import into a black project -> Crash.


      I tried to import the AEP file without the media linked. -> Crash


      I tried to use a different Mac with CS6 -> Crash


      I uninstalled all the expensive Red Giant and Saphire plug-ins (which this project doesn't use-> Crash.


      I tried to use a windows 7 machine with AE CC -> Crash.


      I read that it is possible to open the file in a text editor but so far this hasn't been successful. Although all comps are pretty much similar I have a feeling comp 6 is corrupt. Is there a way to extract this comp via a hex or txt editor? After Effects seems impossible to deal with it.

      Suggestions are MOST welcome.


      Crash log

      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1585582/After%20Effects_2013-12-12-152146_Pauls-iMac.t xt


      Thanks alot,