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    Can't stop playback


      Sometimes I start playback and cannot stop it for several minutes, just see a spinning beachball, and playback audio continues for more than 4 minutes or so. Video stops immediately.


      Just purchased and installed Premiere Elements 12


      Running OS X 10.8.5 with all updates on a MacBook Pro 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 with 8G DDR3 ram.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What are the properties of what you have on the Expert workspace Timeline that you are trying to play back in the Edit Mode Monitor?


          What have you or the project set as the project preset based on those source media properties?


          What are you trying to play back, the rendered or unrendered Timeline? Is there an orange line over the Timeline content when you are attempting this play back? (Here I am referring to an orange line that may exist OVER the content, not the orange line (called rubberband) that runs horizontally across the middle of you clip representation on the Timeline.)


          If you have an orange line over the Timeline content, then press the Enter key of the computer main keyboard (or its equivalent in Mac) to render the Timeline content to give you the best possible preview (line will turn from orange to green when rendering is completed).


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            lerxst Level 1

            I'm not sure what the Expert workspace Timeline is that you are referring to.

            I have elements 12, and have dropped a 49 minute video of my sister in law's harp recital into the "add media" area.

            I have hit "play" and then it starts playing. If I hit "pause" the video stops, but the audio continues for up to four minutes, with the mouse pointer turning into a spinning beach ball.


            Is there some "time limit" on recording video with my Cisco Flip camera that I have exceeded?


            I just opened up a new project and dropped the video.


            I clicked "Render" and it chewed on things for a bit, but still does the same thing.


            Now I see what you mean by Expert.. I have "Quick" selected.

            If I switch to expert, I see a "Video 1" and "Audio 1" track with the video being on top.


            There is an orange horizontal line over both tracks extending from start to finish.

            However, pressing enter does nothing; clicking the Render button does nothing.


            Problem persists.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up. Lots of things to look at here. Let us look at them one by one.


              1. We need to set up the project so that what you are bringing into the program matches the project settings. The program is supposed to set those settings automatically based on the properties of what you first drag to the Timeline from Project Assets. Sometimes is does that OK. Sometimes not.


              Based on what you wrote I am trying to figure out the properties of your video. You mentioned Cisco Flip Camera. By any chance it that the Cisco Flip SlideHD camera. If so, you have video with a frame size of 1280 x 720 and the frame rate looks like 30 progressive frames per second. If I have the right Cisco, your video compression is H.264 and the file extension is .mp4. Does any of that apply to what you actually have? We need to get a hold of the information so that we can set the Premiere Elements 12 project settings accordingly.


              Let us assume that my assumptions are correct. Then best you set the Premiere Elements 12 project preset yourself before you bring your video into the project. To do that

              a. Open a new project. Go to File Menu/New/Project.

              b. Click on Change Settings in the dialog that opens.

              c. Set the project preset for



              Flip Mino HD and UltraHD 30p

              which is appropriate for what I believe to be your 1280 x 720 footage.

              d. Before you close out of the new project dialog with your new setting, make sure that you have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on this Project".

              e. When you are back in the Premiere Elements 12 Expert workspace, use Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets..drag your file to the Timeline. Do you see non colored line or an orange line over the Timeline video?


              What does the playback look like if there is no colored line over the content and you cannot render? What does the playback look like if you find an orange line over the content and have to render to get the best preview?


              Let us see how the project setup that I have proposed impacts your situation.


              Another aspect of this is your computer resources since you appear to be importing an intact 49 minute video on to the Timeline. However, you appear to be running the program on Mac 64 bit which mean that Premiere Elements 12 is running as a 64 bit application in your 64 bit system and should have available to it the 64 bit resources.


              Right now I am thinking in terms of a program settings or file incompatibility issue. But, let us see what the details tell us.


              Looking forward to your results. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on anything that I have written. I will rewrite if necessary on the points that are not clear to you. I took a lot for granted so please let me know if any or all of my assumptions are correct so that we can plot a good troubleshooting course.


              Thank you.



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                lerxst Level 1

                That's why I bought Premiere elements 12 - I know very little about video editing, and have a lot of videos from my iPhone and Cisco Flip cameras that... I just want to be able to put into a single movie and send to friends on a DVD instead of the current method, which is something along the lines of sharing a Dropbox folder and telling them "play all 17 of these small, sub-five-minute video clips, and that's how our visit to $wherever went." .. you get the picture. I have previously had no editing software, and had many small files. My goal is to use Premiere Elements 12 to .. make an amateur quality product I can send to family/friends and have them play one thing and see the one thing instead of a complicated process. PE12 was the highest rated which is why I got it..


                This is my first project - a single 49 minute video (non-pan, non-zoom, fixed shot of a stage with my sister in law playing 5 harp selections). So far, my experience seems really poor compared to the reviews I've read. So, I'm hoping to find something wrong "settings-wise" with the mac or something.


                But really, everything is default - I am on Mountain Lion (not Mavericks, since I tend to lag the "bleeding edge curve" because I don't want to experience problems that there are no "patches for" etc), system was doubled in RAM, system is a 256G SSD drive for faster speed, and when I use PE12 there are no other things running except for Finder (to drag and drop media) and most recently a terminal session so that I can run "top" to discover whether or not PE12 is actually processor-chewing or memory-chewing when it freaks out, or whether it is something less easily detectable. I have a unix background (hence my adoration for mac) so based on what I have seen when this condition occurs, so far, there is no run on memory, processor, or disk, it's just PE12 that becomes unresponsive (save for the audio that doesn't stop playing for several minutes) and a beachball swirly that exists only when the PE12 application is open and selected. As a test, the last time it freaked out, I started Safari, browsed to this forum, checked for responses, loaded Gmail, caught up on my email and replied, then logged out, checked facebook and logged out, then closed safari. Everything was lightning-fast, and top running in the terminal reported no race conditions, and load average stayed well under 1.2 (for a quad-core system). Idle is about a .87 load average. htop, I find, produces a finer output. Here is the system "at rest" with PE12 open and idling:


                  1  [||||||                                        9.9%]     Tasks: 141 total, 2 running

                  2  [||                                            2.6%]     Load average: 0.78 0.90 0.84

                  3  [|||||||                                      11.2%]     Uptime: 1 day, 02:01:50

                  4  [|||                                           4.0%]


                  Swp[                                           0/128MB]


                If I close PE12, memory use goes down, that's about the only change. RIght now, if I hit play, then pause, the playback will start, then the video will pause, audio will continue on its own for about 3-4 minutes with the beachball continuing to spin (just in PE12) and all else (including safari, me writing this post) will continue to work just fine. In fact, I'll do that now and re-collect htop output during the hang:


                Last login: Thu Dec 12 09:32:25 on ttys001

                jerlewein@Tomato:~ $ htop

                jerlewein@Tomato:~ $ clear



                  1  [||||||||||||||||||||||                       42.7%]     Tasks: 140 total, 2 running

                  2  [||||||||||||||||||                           32.9%]     Load average: 1.95 1.20 0.96

                  3  [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||           65.8%]     Uptime: 1 day, 02:05:59

                  4  [||||||||||||||                               25.6%]


                  Swp[                                           0/128MB]



                  PID USER     PRI  NI  VIRT   RES   SHR S CPU% MEM%   TIME+  Command

                6543 jerlewei   0   0     0     0     0 Z  0.0  0.0  0:00.00 (Google Drive Ico)

                6535 jerlewei  31   0 2376M  1180     0 S  0.0  0.0  0:00.00 -bash

                4249 jerlewei  31   0 2378M  4296     0 S  0.0  0.1  0:00.66 /Applications/Adobe Elements 12 Organizer.app/Contents/Ele

                4248 jerlewei  13  20 2656M 91772     0 S  0.0  1.1  0:02.14 /Applications/Adobe Elements 12 Organizer.app/Contents/Ele

                4216 jerlewei  48   0  774M 47444     0 S  0.0  0.6  0:00.06 /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 12/Support Files/Ado

                4193 jerlewei  49   0  709M 11956     0 S  0.0  0.1  0:00.00 /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 12/Support Files/Ado

                4191 jerlewei  31   0 2378M  4296     0 S  0.0  0.1  0:00.66 /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 12/Support Files/Ado

                4187 jerlewei  97   0 4389M 1073M     0 C 100. 13.1  0:52.14 /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 12/Support Files/Ado

                4192 jerlewei  48   0  640M  7608     0 S  0.0  0.1  0:00.01 /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 12/Support Files/Ado

                  366 jerlewei  62   0 3571M 25088     0 S  0.0  0.3  0:06.16 /Applications/Battery Health.app/Contents/MacOS/Battery He



                The only change is that the PE12 processes come to the top of the list, and utilization only slightly increases, and right now as I type the PE12 application is unresponsive. The rest of the system appears fine. seems memory-leak-ish to me, really.


                Back to your list of things to check - My cisco flip camera is basically on default settings. it's a Cisco Flip Mino Pro. I have two of them. They produce .mp4 files. If I open them up with VLC and inspect properties I see:

                Type: Video

                Codec: H264 - Mpeg4 AVC  (part 1)(avc 10)

                Resolution: 1280x720

                frame rate 30

                Decoded format : Planar 4:2:0 YUV

                Audio is MPEG AAC Stereo 44100


                Largely, I don't know what the above means, and don't care to; VLC doesn't seem to commit suicide on playback, nor does Quicktime if I open it and play it with that. I'm sure PE12 is trying to do something and I wish I knew what.

                I will go back and restart the project entirely, selecting the Force Selected Project Setting on this Project before adding any media. I will also use the Expert section from here on out (even though I am definitely NOT a pro at this, and preferred the 'quick' look and feel, because obviously i'm a noob at most things video.


                And yes, everything here is 64bit. I'm hoping PE12 is set for that, all the reviews I read said it was the thing to get.


                I literally have a few other video projects I could test with too, this is just one of about five or six "quick projects" I "thought I could get done for people quickly and easily if I would bite the bullet and get a decent video editor program."  I looked into doing all of this with something like VLC but it honestly was too much commandline and tech speak for me, not having a strong video background, hence my decision to get PE12 based on what I read. I'm really hoping I didn't make a mistake. I can't afford a $900-$1000 video editing suite to send family videos to my family. I'd be the subject of a divorce...


                I'll go re-start this project and share the findings. Thanks for putting up with my slowly developing skills (read; complete lack thereof)


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                  lerxst Level 1

                  OK I created a new project, set the setting to NTSC-FLIP-Flip Mino HD and Ultra HD 40p as it most closely fits the camera and the format VLC reported.

                  Checked the box.

                  Went to expert view, added media. Took forever, and finally showed up as an asset.


                  the timeline at the top had an orange line, as did both the Video 1 and Audio 1 track after I dragged the asset to the timeline at the beginning position.


                  Pressing enter didn't do anything, so I clicked the Render button. Here's where things went funny. I clicked it at 10:02:52. Nothing happened, except when I clicked Progress the screen said: Frame 1 of 93061. Estimated time left; 153:04:41. Frame count stayed at 1, but time kept increasing, very non linearly. Time got up to more than 383:04:42 then at time mark 10:04:54, something funny happened. Frame number went from 1 to increasing really fast. By frame 1173, time remaining had dropped to 2:59:09. By frame 30360 time had dropped to 0:12:56 (time 10:08:51). It just finished rendering (10:16) and the color of the line at the timeline is now green, not orange. the lines on the video and audio tracks however are both orange.


                  I can't shake the feeling that for some reason PE12 took more than two minutes to "find its brains" before processing the first frame during the render process. I took screenshots to catalog the results.


                  I will say, however, now, it appears to stop and start playback normally, at least so far. I am going to insert a still image at the begining and see if it continues to work well.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Do not be discouraged. Everything will ease into place once you develop a Premiere Elements workflow that is governed by the basic principles of its import, edit, and export.


                    For now, put aside the computer players and focus on the video editor. But, make sure that you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 12. Another, must do, is the program as Run As Administrator or used with User Account with Administrative Privileges (or whatever the Mac permissions for Administrator involved).


                    From what you wrote, you seem to be confirming your video sources as what I guessed at from your mention of Cisco. The answers will be in the details.


                    We will be watching for the results of stage 1, setting project setting and importing the video and then build on that.


                    In prep, try out the Expert Guided or Quick Guided workflows to get a feel for the basics before you apply them to your DVD-VIDEO widescreen on DVD disc projects? In spite of the Quick workspace, I never envision Premiere Elements as a drop a video in, get a edited video out without investment of time in the learning curve. I am not sure if iMovie would be the fall back.


                    Looking forward to working with you on this and the words "Success. First movie produced and enjoyed by all."



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      I think that we posted just about the same time, and I almost missed your latest post.


                      1. Just to make sure that we are in sync with the orange line over the Timeline content, the following screenshot shows an arrow pointing to the orange line to which I refer. I did not want us to get it confused with the orange line that runs horizontally across the middle of your video and audio content. That is called a rubberband. Typically, in the video portion it relates to Opacity, in the audio portion to Volume.



                      You wrote

                      OK I created a new project, set the setting to NTSC-FLIP-Flip Mino HD and Ultra HD 40p as it most closely fits the camera and the format VLC reported.

                      You mean 30p? Typing error since there is no 40p. And, that sounds like what I suggested based on my guess of the properties of your video source.


                      If the program has an orange line over the Timeline content, it is indicating that you need to render the Timeline by pressing the Enter Key or the Render Button in your version. When the process is completed, the line will turn green, indicating that you have the best possible preview. The program rendering is done on a frame by frame basis. The render dialog will go rendering 1 of xxxx, 2 of xxxx, until it gets to the last frame. You can calculate how many frames are involved by the duration of the Timeline being rendering and the frame rate for the system (NTSC 30 frames per second).


                      What was the duration of the video clip that you rendered? Earlier you said you had a 49 minute video. Those 93061 frames would be consistent with an about 52 minutes video (my rough calculation). You add some effects (worst case Video Stabilizer) and you really add significant time to that rendering.

                      I will say, however, now, it appears to stop and start playback normally, at least so far. I am going to insert a still image at the begining and see if it continues to work well.

                      Sounding very good. Just do not include photos oversized for the project to mess up what looks very promising. If you have photos that exceed 1920 x 1080, resize to 1280 x 720. Photos oversized for the project and a lot of them can get you into problems. Depending on your computer resources you can push those recommendations. More on that point later.


                      Keep up the good work.


                      Thanks for the follow ups.




                      If we picked the "right" project preset, we should have had no colored line over that content when it was first dragged to the Timeline. After you edit the content, you would expect to see the orange line. So, we need to figure out the whys there. But, based on the properties reported we should have hit the right project preset.