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    INDS PDF export issue

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      Exporting large document from InDesign takes significantly long time in InDesign CS6 server. Our document has minimum 1200 page needs to be exported to PDF. It takes around 12 minute to export with "smallest file size" preset. Our requirement is to export quick PDF rather then smallest size pdf.

      Can some one suggest best setting to fastest PDF export from InDesign. Here is PDF export settings that we use as alternate to "smallest file size" ?



      //Basic PDF output options.
                  pageRange = PageRange.allPages;
                  acrobatCompatibility = AcrobatCompatibility.acrobat6;
                  exportGuidesAndGrids = false;
                  exportLayers = false;
                  exportNonPrintingObjects = false;
                  exportReaderSpreads = false;
                  generateThumbnails = false;
                  includeBookmarks = false;
                  includeHyperlinks = true;
                  includeICCProfiles = true;
                  includeSlugWithPDF = false;
                  includeStructure = false;
                  interactiveElementsOption = InteractiveElementsOptions.doNotInclude;
                  //Setting subsetFontsBelow to zero disallows font subsetting;
                  //set subsetFontsBelow to some other value to use font subsetting.
                  subsetFontsBelow = 0;
                  //Bitmap compression/sampling/quality options.
                  colorBitmapCompression = BitmapCompression.AUTO_COMPRESSION;
                  colorBitmapQuality = CompressionQuality.LOW;
                  colorBitmapSampling = Sampling.BICUBIC_DOWNSAMPLE;
                  colorBitmapSamplingDPI = 100;
                  thresholdToCompressColor = 150;
                  //colorBitmapSamplingDPI is not needed when colorBitmapSampling is set to
                  grayscaleBitmapCompression = BitmapCompression.AUTO_COMPRESSION;
                  grayscaleBitmapQuality = CompressionQuality.LOW;
                  grayscaleBitmapSampling = Sampling.BICUBIC_DOWNSAMPLE;
                  grayscaleBitmapSamplingDPI = 150;
                  thresholdToCompressGray = 225;
                  //grayscaleBitmapSamplingDPI is not needed when grayscaleBitmapSampling is
                  //set to none.
                  monochromeBitmapCompression = MonoBitmapCompression.CCIT4;
                  monochromeBitmapSampling = Sampling.BICUBIC_DOWNSAMPLE;
                  monochromeBitmapSamplingDPI = 300;
                  thresholdToCompressMonochrome = 450;
                  //monochromeBitmapSamplingDPI is not needed when monochromeBitmapSampling
                  //is set to none.
                  //Other compression options.
                  compressionType = PDFCompressionType.compressObjects;
                  compressTextAndLineArt = true;
                  cropImagesToFrames = true;
                  optimizePDF = false;
                  pdfDestinationProfile = "sRGB IEC61966-2.1";
                  pdfColorSpace = PDFColorSpace.RGB;
                  //Set viewPDF to true to open the PDF in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
                  viewPDF = false;


      Many thanks in advance