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    ColdFusion Builder 2 HANGS

    richardELeach Level 1

      I downloaded and installed the CF Builder 2 (Version: 2.0.1 Build: 282422) and almost daily (but not at any regular time or interval) it hangs, then I have to manually kill the process, and often lose some work. When this happens the CPU resources get pegged at 100% or more by the ColdFusion Builder 2 process. I can't identify any specific operation that appears to cause this either; I'm almost always just typing code when the freeze occurs.


      I'm on Mac OSX 10.9, 16GB RAM


      Has anyone else experienced this? Any work arounds out there?


      I'm going to be running out of free trial time and unfortunately there is no way I can justify paying for this product. I was using Dreamweaver (which I still like and may go back to) but has anyone else seen/used a good CFML editor?


      Thanks in advance,