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    How can I use a file in flash cs6 that I made in flash cs5.5 air for android


      I have made an app in in air for android in flash cs5.5 air for android, and I want to edit it in cs6 and play it in cs6.

      But if I put Ctrl+Enter I got an error: createWin process failed with error 2: system couldn't find the file. I think the problem is that I'am using air for android 2.6 version in flash cs5.5 and version 3.2 in flash cs6. I have searched the web and found out that you can add older air versions using the sdk manager and I have tried it but first I get the error that the version of the sdk I am trying to install is not valid and after some files that I added to the sdk folder I get this error:Only SDK higher than version 3.4.2540 may be added.

      I there a possible way to update the air for android for an fla or apk? Or how can I let my originally file work fine in flash cs6??