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    Linking 2 separate htmls with different dimension (one in % and other in pixel)


      I have a project with stage in %. I inserted a jotform but it won't scroll. So, I created onther project with fixed dimension and saved it in the same place and the main page i.e. index.html and the contact.html are in the same folder. Now, how can I make them work together. What I want to do is to load the contact.html on its own when I click the contact tab in the index.html.


      Basically, I want to have a responsive layout but the form will only work if the stage is the same height. For some reason, if i create a symbol with the fixed dimension, the form won't scroll to reveal the page but just cuts out in the middle. But it works when I created a new project with the fixed dimension as the form and called it contact.html, which can be scrolled(just how I want it). BTW, it works on the laptop browser. Problem is with the tablets and smartphones. So, now I want to have the responsive layout i.e. index as the main page which will have the contact me tab which will open the contact.html on its own, not inside the main layout. I want the height of the form fixed so that it will work on the phones and tablets.


      I hope I am clear and I am sorry for asking. I am stuck so I can only raise my hand in the classroom and ask, hoping that someone can help.


      Many thanks in advance.