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    Skip Logic option does not appear



      I watched the videos, updated today 12.12.2013, and the option for Skip Logic does not appear when inserting a page break as shown in the video. Is there another add-on that I need to purchase?

      This would make matters less confusing for people to check off options so they see only what they need to rather than pages of stuff they do not.

      Can someone help me with this, please.


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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          I am guessing you are likely in "Page View"


          Skip logic is only for "web" forms and not PDF.  There are two "View" modes in FormsCentral, "Web View" for designing web forms and "Page View" for designing for PDF, you can use both and distribute both ways, but the options not available in PDF such as Skip logic are not shown in Page View. 


          To switch to Web View use the "View" menu at the top or click on the "Page View" at the bottom right corner to toggle to Web View.


          One other possibility is that you are using the FormsCentral desktop application, if this is the case you need to be signed into the application/service and need the form to be "online" which you can do from the "Collect responses online" tab once signed in.