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    Premiere Elements 11 won't let me upload large youTube file?


      I have a macbook pro, running OS X (version 10.8.5) w/ 8G. of memory and a 1TB HD. The video I'm trying to upload from elements is 1hr and 7 min and yes, I know the default is 15 min, but I noticed some vid's on youtube almost 2hrs or more.  So I went to youtube and discovered you have to authorize your account in order to upload larger files.  Did that successfully but elements 11 still will not let me upload my video? I keep getting the error message that I have exceeded the max upload limit for youtube.  Is that a default message that can't be change? At the present, I'm saving my video to a file on my mac and will try to upload it to youtube directly w/out using premiere. My question, is there a way to bypass this default setting or will I only be able to upload a 15 min video? I tried all settings to upload it from premeire, from the youtube flash video (lowest setting) to the 1080p HD setting.  Stil, it keeps telling me it's too big.