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    CFFILE upload problems

      I'm using Sambar 6.03 webserver with CF 5.0 under Windows 2000. When trying to upload files of say 10 MB or more I get the error below from windows. I'm making a straight forward call to CFFILE using ACTION="UPLOAD". Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      Error occurred whil processing request.

      Error diagnostic information:
      Error writing data from web server to the Cold Fusion Application Server.

      Windows NT error number 1450 occurred.
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          SafariTECH Level 1

          A 1450 error has to do with the registry, and even though the message you get is not exactly what is mentioned in the above article, I'm almost certain you are experiencing the same issue and need to clean out the registry as suggested.

          We used to have this issue with all versions of CF prior to 7 because until 6 there was no automated purge, and in 6 the purge never worked properly. MX7 seems to have addressed that issue, but you would be wiser to use cookies (or DB) for variable storage anyway.