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    Premiere Pro CC 7.2 Update

    tclark513 Level 3

      Facebook just announced another update to the video tools!


      Here is the link for SpeedGrade.

      To bad I won't get to use any of it.  No renting for me I just wanted to let people know.



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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          See what's new in Premiere Pro 7.2 here:






          Peter Garaway


          Premiere Pro

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            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

            And here's the list of bugs that were fixed in 7.2:




            • AVCI-200 files have banding artifacts.
            • Premiere hangs on importing longer XAVC files
            • Some 2k RAW files show no video; instead, Media Pending graphic is displayed
            • h.264 movies that were FFMPEG-generated and have uncompressed audio take an excessively long time to load
            • XAVC SLOG2 clips now decode to 10 bit range with the proper color space clamping.
            • Some AVC-Intra100 clips display artifacts
            • Label colors are not preserved when a sequence from another project is imported.
            • AAF import files path is missing backslashes
            • Some metadata fields are missing or wrong when importing DNxHD assets via AAF from certain third party NLEs
            • Merged clips from xml come into Premiere out of sync.
            • Import of FCP XML sequence fails (“Generic Error”) if it contains a slug
            • After pausing and resuming playback of a growing file in Source Monitor, playback stutters and audio sometimes cuts out.
            • AVC-Intra files cause intermittent freezes in the Source and Program monitors
            • When a sequence from another project is imported via Media Browser, the organization of constituent clips in bins is lost
            • Importing XML from certain third-party color correction apps crashes Premiere Pro
            • Media Browser does not remember the path it was last opened to. (Paths are saved to each project file, not application-wide.)


            • Clip timecode is not written correctly in AAF encodes; Start timecode of the output is 0;00;00;00
            • If a Premiere sequence containing a Universal Counting Leader is exported to AME, encoding sometimes hangs at Reading XMP (Mac only)
            • When exporting to QuickTime, the Channel Layout setting is valid only with Audio Track Layout set to Single Track, but the Channel Layout control remains available with ATL set to N Mono Tracks or N Stereo Pairs
            • Sequences exported to FCP XML do not include the elements “logginginfo” and “comment”
            • In FCP XML exports, the start times for audio clips do not match in Premiere Pro CC and some third-party NLEs
            • If a sequence contains a nested sequence that was synced in a third party app, then exports to FCP XML contain an incorrect <ntsc> element



            • Playback stutters with a nested multitrack audio sequence
            • when Playback Resolution is 1/4 (one-quarter) and Mercury Playback is set to Software Only, HD sources that use ImporterFastMPEG appear square
            • The video preview does not update correctly upon trimming the Out point when the direct manipulation control is active.
            • When the direct manipulation control is active, moving a clip in the sequence causes the Program Monitor to display all black.
            • Overlay displays multicam sequence audio as audio time units.
            • Garbage matte effects are incorrectly rendered via Open CL with source content that has non-standard dimensions.
            • Decoding errors with specific files manifest as red frames
            • Poor performance rendering AVCI-100
            • With certain hardware, SDI Transmit has audio issues
            • Artifacting in Program Monitor when scrubbing with Transmit enabled [OSX10.9 only]
            • Poor performance (dropped frames) when Transmit is used for playback to external monitor or export to tape; limited to certain hardware & drivers




            • Duplicate frame indicators impair performance with large projects
            • Audio sequence clip name does not change when renamed
            • Adjusting height of all tracks by scroll wheel with Shift key pressed works in the opposite direction vs. scrolling without Shift pressed (Mac only)
            • In the Timeline, thumbnails are black for track items that have speed change to greater than real-time

            Sync by Audio

            • Sync by audio fails if selected track items include multiple instances from the same master clip.
            • Synchronize by Audio does not work with trimmed clips in some cases
            • Synchronize by audio is not available if there’s no clip on either A1 or V1
            • Sync by audio does not work correctly if the clip on Track 1 (or Camera 1 for multicam sequences) starts later than the other cameras.

            Merged Clips

            • Importing sequences containing merged clips adds duplicate media files to the project.
            • Importing a sequence containing a merged clip does not add the merged clip to the Project, but it adds the merged constituent source clips and renames the project items to match the merged clip.
            • Subclips of merged clips uses the incorrect range of frames and do not respect the “Restrict Trims to Subclip Boundaries” option.
            • If the audio in a merged clip starts before the video, that offset is not accounted for with subclips.
            • Matching frame for a subclip of a merged clip does not go to the correct frame


            • Occasional crash (TrackItem.cpp-205) upon right-clicking a multicam source sequence in the Project Panel
            • After scrubbing a multicam sequence, playback sometimes causes the playhead to jump to the prior position.
            • Reveal in Project from Timeline fails with some multicam clips
            • Switching the Program Monitor from multicam mode to trim mode via keyboard shortcut puts monitor into undefined state
            • If the camera order has been edited, the Program Monitor’s multicam view sometimes displays the wrong camera.
            • Selecting a camera in the Source Monitor’s multicam view does not affect what is displayed on an external monitor via Transmit
            • With some multicam sequences, loading into the Source Monitor via Match Frame does not draw the In/Out points.


            • Mono source tracks don't show waveforms in a nested sequence (even when routed correctly, so as to not do any mixing).
            • Rendering audio doesn't work on nested sequences (which means there is no way to force creation of audio waveforms)


            • Audio Recording fails if an out-point is set and another clip is on the same track

            Effects and Transitions

            • With GPU acceleration enabled, a transition's start and end times are sometimes not honored
            • With certain graphics cards, Premiere Pro crashes on scrubbing a clip with Video Limiter Preset applied and GPU acceleration enabled.
            • With some third-party transitions, layer parameters cannot be enabled after being disabled.
            • With some third-party transitions, layer parameters do not initialize properly.
            • When clips with transitions applied are copied & pasted from one project to another, the transitions are lost.
            • Keyframe control icons in the Effects Control Panel do not appear after clicking stopwatch


            • Crash on tabbing from a comment marker to any type of marker other than a comment marker (e.g., a chapter marker)
            • In the Source Monitor, the Edit Marker dialog does not open upon second "Add Marker" command.
            • Selecting a clip in the Timeline does load the master clip’s markers in the Markers panel.
            • Markers panel goes blank when a marker or In/Out Point is added/moved/cleared from a Multicam sequence loaded in Source Monitor

            Closed Captions

            • The presence of captions in an XDCAM sequence prevents smart rendering and stitching.
            • The app stops displaying many 708 blocks one frame earlier than programmed, which results in no captions being displayed in caption panel thumbnails or in the Source Monitor when you use the CC panel to jump to a block
            • Some CEA-708 roll-up captions are decoded as a single paint-on caption block.

            Metadata: Metadata not editable on network files on windows




            • Relatively poor performance opening projects and relinking assets over some networks with Windows workstations versus Mac.
            • Crash on loading a project with a preview file stored on network drive that’s not available
            • Loading some projects takes a very long time, caused by proliferation of Link Index lines in the project file. (Afflicted project should be fixed by opening in 7.2 )
            • With an image sequence selected, "Source Settings..." is disabled


            • Crash on relinking to valid media
            • Opening certain projects invokes the link media dialog even though all content is present and linked.
            • Relinking a clip with the “Preserve interpret footage settings” enabled can result in incorrect audio duration
            • Relinking to a different master clip with longer duration sometimes fails to sync correctly
            • Relinking fails on Windows if the project was created on Mac and content is stored on certain file server systems

            Sequence Settings:

            • When Sequence Editing Mode is set to one of the AVC-Intra, XDCAM HD, or XDCAM HD422 options, the Preview File Format is locked on “I-Frame Only MPEG”; the PFF now has options optimized for these editing modes.



            • Auto Save can interrupt multi-camera editing
            • New Sequence from Clip adds one History entry for creating the sequence and one for each asset added.
            • Source monitor misrepresents Audition subclips
            • Crash on sending a sequence containing a track item that is entirely danger striped to Audition.
            • Edits to keyboard shortcuts are saved despite exiting the dialog via Cancel.
            • When an audio-only clip is loaded in the Source Monitor, scrolling by mouse wheel scrubs in the opposite direction of video clips (Mac only)
            • With QuickTime Reference Files, Premiere uses the wrong timecode
            • With UI Brightness at the lightest setting, track selection highlight and In/Out points are not visible
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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't see mention of fixing the H.264 export that required transcoding by Encore - it is fixed in the AME update. Is it also fixed for exports that are not queued but direct from PR?


              See this thread in Encore forum.



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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Its fixed, just tested it.

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                  Hey all,

                  I'm trying to figure out if the bug fixes now allow me to have a codec column in the project window. Any one know? Its one of the last things I miss from FCP 7.



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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    That's not an available column.


                    Would be nice, though, if PP would show you that kind of detail, at the very least in the Properties of a clip.



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                      AlexEdits Level 1

                      Thanks Jim. Every update seems to bring back features I miss so at least theres progress. But in the mean time, do you know of any way to keep track of clip codecs within PP?

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                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                        You'd have to add that data to the Description or Comment field.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          I just want to confirm that the crash when using a border for wipe transitions is still there.  You can add the border, you can play through the transition, but once you park the CTI at the edit point with such a transition - crash city baby!

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                            Hi there,


                            You say the following has been fixed...


                            Sync by Audio

                            • Sync by audio fails if selected track items include multiple instances from the same master clip.
                            • Synchronize by Audio does not work with trimmed clips in some cases
                            • Synchronize by audio is not available if there’s no clip on either A1 or V1
                            • Sync  by audio does not work correctly if the clip on Track 1 (or Camera 1  for multicam sequences) starts later than the other cameras.

                            Having just noticed this post I had to reply just to mention Sync by Audio is not working for me at all, I have this open in another discussion.

                            I was advised by another member to manually sync!

                            If this is the only option then I would do this using Elements, I am trailing Pro for this great function.


                            Still not resolved and I guess I'll be manually syncing in Elements today.


                            Not great.

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                              jstrawn Adobe Employee

                              Thanks everyone for your support and participation. This thread is primarily a resource to see what was new (features and fixes) for 7.2. If you are having issues with any particular feature (7.2-specfric or otherwise), please feel free to start a new thread (after searching for exisitng ones, of course) so that we can track the various issues in seperate threads.

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                                piprod Level 1

                                Hi Mark, although there are a number of fixes related to Markers in Premiere CC, they don't address my problem.


                                1) When I am editing a multicam sequence with markers, I may shorten the sequence. It has always been annoying that the marker does not have the option to follow the link point when you delete a shot.


                                2) My biggest problem is that Premiere goes into a Not Responding state when I slide the marker left to its correct position and try to Play. Fortunately, the system actually lets me do a control save at that point. If I then let it crash, by closing the window, I can open up and everything is fine.


                                3) Another annoyance, is that the markers do not show if I nest sequences, so I have to find the edit points and re-enter them. Is there an option to carry marker over? My work is mostly live concerts, so there are markers at each song start, but I may break the concert up into 'sets'. This reduces some of the delays when working on long sequences, and I find it a better way to work.