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    CFGRID - Uing Javascript


      From the grid below, if i click on ID fiel, i got the alert pop up with id number.  In stead of this ID, i want it open the pop up with details.cfm which i already comment out from the js function.  I did not know much about the javascript but when uncomment the code to open for the detail page then i still have it open but not in the pop up, it's open in a seperate page.  Can you help please.


      <cfset ajaxOnLoad('addLinksforaTasks')>




      addLinksforaTasks = function() {

         gTask = ColdFusion.Grid.getGridObject('SchedulesGrid');


            var assetID =












        args = {};

        args.bind = "cfc:CFC.schedule.cust({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},


        args.delete = TRUE;

        args.format = "html";

        args.insert = false;

        args.name = "SchedulesGrid";

        args.pagesize = "5";

        args.selectmode = "browse";

        args.striperows = TRUE;

        args.autowidth = true;

        args.height = "205";




      <cfform name="SchedulesForm">

        <cfgrid attributecollection="#args#" selectmode="row" colHeaderBold="yes" collapsible="true" title="View Created Profile">

         <cfgridcolumn name="id_int" header="ID" display="no" headerbold="yes" />

          <cfgridcolumn name="name" header="Customer Name" width="108" headerbold="yes" />