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    Evaluating LiveCycle for Reader Extensions functionality


      Hi All,


      I have a technical requirement I am trying to solve. I need to limit printing of a PDF. The PDF is generated dynamically and distributed immeditaly. I have come up with two ideas, both relying on javascript. The relevent approach to this fourm would be to have my PDF blessed with Reader Extensions privledges such that my PDF can make SOAP calls to a listening service that will register prints, then when it exceeds the threshold trigger document.close or a watermark.


      With that said I have pulled a trial of Adobe LiveCycle ES4 and have it up and running on a server. I noticed when trying to enable the reader extensions functionallity that I needed some sort of license or credentials. Is there something I am missing in the documentation or the packaging where this evaluation license might be hiding?


      With that said I must acknowledge I do see the security risk in having that avalible, which may very well be why I cannot find it. If that is the case, is there anyway to evalute this product?


      - Caveat -

      I have contacted Adobe Sales && 4Point solutions with no help as of yet.


      Any help is appreciated