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      I am using Flex 2/Cairngorm2.2 in my project. I am trying to fetch data (continously polling every 5 secs) from the flex server (in a class that implements IResponder interface) using asyntoken as below
      var service:Object = ServiceLocator.getInstance().getRemoteObject( "ratesService" );
      var token : AsyncToken = service.getRatesCollection();
      I have also implemented the result() and fault() methods in this class. However, if I shut down my server, I observed that the client continues to run for quite a while without any issues. In debug mode, I noticed that the result() or fault() method of the IResponder class does not get invoked. My idea was to capture a null result object on the next polling event to detect that the server was down and display a meaningful message to the client. However, it doesn't seem to work that way. 2 questions:
      1] What is the reason for this behavior?
      2] How can I detect if my server is down?

      Thanks in advance,